Quality control:

ensuring Safety & Quality

Quality is always, without any doubt, a key factor that guarantees long-term relationships not only with our clients but also with our manufacturers. Thus, pretty much all the products that we sell have been previously tested no less than 2-3 times during the entire production process:

  • Once raw materials are received at the factory we test chips, PCBs and other parts individually to discard any defective units from the very beginning.

  • We proceed to print your artwork on the cases one by one. The staff will carefully make sure no mistakes or printing defects have ocurred during this stage.

  • Finally after an order has been printed and assembled, we do a final test to make sure the final product works perfectly. Your order is now safe to be shipped out!

On top of that, we offer warranty against defects for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original purchase ("Warranty Period"). Does this sound safe to your business?




The best way to add extra value into your Promotional or Trade Marketing strategy and empower your brands is using a 100% custom made product tailored specifically to your needs in any  occasion.
ViTi Premiums is an industry leader that will guide you through the entire product design & development process, from sketching & 3D photorealistic rendering, virtual proofs, prototyping and pre-production samples to mass production and finished  quality products delivery.
Get in touch no matter where you are. We ship globally, all over the world.
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