Who are we?

So far we're glad you're spending few minutes to read about us so we'll go straight to the point.

although viti premiums was born in 2016, our people have been around the promotional products industry for many years, developing the different areas of the supply chain, such as manufacturing management, factory audit & quality control, logistics, sales, and customer care to make sure your business is well served and protected. 

we're a young professional team aiming to reach new heights in the industry through tech & electronic promos as our main specialty and an own facility located in asia to make things easier for you. 


Commitment to innovation via technology & electronics

In ViTi Premiums we bet on innovation as a means to get things done better for everyone and we strongly believe that nowadays technology and electronics add more value to marketer's campaigns because of the nature of these type products themselves. Technology is everywhere and keeps changing pretty much from one day to another, and that's why people feel more interested and attracted to it, contrary to what happens with products we've been used to see and use for years. USB Flash Drives, Power Banks, Bluetooth Speakers... A nice collection of the latest and most innovative Tech Promos at your disposal.

A dedicated sales member for you

We understand that different businesses have different needs to be covered so the first task we must accomplish is getting to know you well and thus we can always offer the best solution to you. This can only be done by providing you with personal attention from one of our well-trained specialists that will take good care of your business and guide you through the entire process. We believe in real relationships to achieve succes.

Always pursuing an impact on target audience

Our whole understanding of this industry's mission is about getting promotional products deep inside the mind of consumers. We build up both our portfolio and reputation merely by caring about you and your business needs and hence every single product and service supplied by ViTi Premiums has been thought based on the repercussion it will have on the end target audience. That's the essence of the Promotional Products Industry and our mission as part of it is to complement it with the best solution. Consequently, the next time you see our logo somewhere, we'd like you to think of us not only as your promotional products vendor but also as the ideal business partner that can help you cause the impact that will make you STAND OUT, BE UNIQUE, and STAY REMEMBERED. Almost every single item in the market can be turned into a promotional product and we're here to help you make it happen.

Premium service: 101% Satisfaction, On Time Delivery & Transparency

When you place an order with us, please remember that we're not just selling a product but a whole chain of services full of value. Working with us is choosing an easier and safer way to get better results, simply because we won't rest until everything has been done perfectly. "PREMIUM is to not conform, but to seek to master everything we do for you." Unlimited free virtual proofs, pre-production samples, or quality controls together with a 100% transparency are the key of any successful project. Your satisfaction is our success!

Own facility in Asia: Quality & Assurance

So where exactly is the World's Tech Hub today? Shenzhen, China. This is exactly where our sourcing and purchasing team is located with the main goal of serving you better. There's no better way to ensure success for your business than having people every single day on the spot to guarantee that your orders will be there ON TIME and in perfect conditions, after passing a proper quality control to make sure you receive the right quality. And guess what... Our prices are sooo competitive due to the excellent relationships we maintain with our selected manufacturers in Asia. What's more, new products take an average of 6 months to get popular and start being traded in America or Europe and working with ViTi Premiums it's having the chance of being the first and notably stand out from competitors.





Outstanding company that provides excellent customer service. ViTi is looking out for the clients' best interest. They're the best at what they do. I give them my highest recommendation.


First time working with them and very satisfied. We chose them because the good service and because they adapted all very well to our needs, quickly and innovating, while providing unequaled price and delivery time.


ViTi Premiums makes the entire purchasing process simple and transparent. When it comes to electronic promos, they're our first choice so far. Excellent customer needs understanding.