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Our core values are:
Integrity... always guide our decisions & actions based on doing the 'right thing' for our clients
Honesty... always deal with facts and truth with both our clients as well as our employees
Efficiency... always implement our solutions better than anyone in our industry
When visiting clients, so many times we have heard them say, "I need my own employee in your office looking out for my best interests". Our goal is to be that employee. To become an extension of your Logistics department at origin. Making decision for you that you would make yourself. Of course, looking out for you and doing what is best for you.
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We get it. Not every brand has the same needs and different marketing campaigns require tailored services to achieve success.
When speaking with our clients, so many times we've heard them say: "we need our own employees in your office looking out for our best interests". Well, that's exactly what our goal is: to be that employee and to become an extension of your Marketing Department at origin. Making those decisions for you that you would make yourself, of course, looking out for you and doing what is best for your brand.
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Our team can help you design and develop new products from A to Z: Sketches, 3D Photorealistic Rendering, Plastic Injection Molding, Tooling, Low-MOQ Manufacturing, Metal 3D Printing, or Die Casting. Take advantage of our presence in Asia.


Not a traditional business model? Get a 100% Factory Direct Price applied to all your orders followed by an entire supply chain dedicated service for just a fixed monthly rate. The best way to reduce costs, optimize resources, and compete with the big ones.

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Become our Sales Representative in your area or open a ViTi Premiums branch and get everything professionally set up to start spreading our word right away.