Manufacturing Process

In our pursuit of transparency and fair trade, we'd like to share with you every single step needed to make your purchase 101% successful. It's important to us that both existing and potential customers understand the entire manufacturing process so they can rest assured that in ViTi Premiums we know what we do. 


PCB & Inner Components TESTING

Prior to receiving any orders, we make sure our colleagues at the factory have tested every single component. This is a first filter to discard wrong parts. One by one. No mistakes.


Manufacturing the Case

Once we've received your design approval, we'll proceed with mold opening. Typically this will take about 7-15 days depending on complexity. Though, for regular designs we may have stock and cases reasy in 1-2 days.



Cases are sent to our printing partners which will do the job according to the digital proof previously approved by you. Sample images will be shared for your approval. Standard printing times are about 1-3 business days including printing validation.



Time to return printed and cleaned cases to the main facility, put everything together, and get mass production completed. Task easily done in about 1-2 business days.



Choose among our regular packaging options and gift boxes or let us make a custom one for you with your own design. We'll follow your instructions and comply with internation shipping regulations to avoid any delays.


Quality Control

As you can see, prior to this step we've already passed two tests for your order. However, that's not enough to us. A final quality control will be executed onsite to avoid any disappointments from your side. A total of 3 inspections to get your satisfaction.